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Regina Summer Stage is excited to announce the cast of  SPAMALOT


King Arthur - Damien Ryall

Sir Robin - Kirk DeHaven

Sir Lancelot - Paul Gilbert

Patsy - Tyler Toppings

Sir Galahad - Lyndon Bray

Sir Bedevere - Sean Dunham

The Lady of the Lake - Morgan Mayer

Historian / Voice of God - Dan Carr

Not Dead Fred / Prince Herbert / Tim the Enchanter - Kieran Kasha

French Taunter / Black Night / Sir Bors - Jim Chimirri-Russell

Herbert’s Father / Brother Maynard - Ryan McLeod 

Night of Ni - Justin Hardy

Sir Robin’s Minstrel / Guard #2 - Nathaniel Cruz

Dancing Nun - Jake Pedersen

Dennis Galahad’s Mother / Sir-Not-Appearing / Concorde - Lon Niedermayer

Guard #1 - Max Worby



Jolee Akins, Rebecca Bzdell, Amy Dennis, Taylor Johnson-Hennessey, Lauren Kertai



Jaida Akins, Jolee Akins, Rebecca Bzdell, Helen Chang, Jim Chimirri-Russell, Nathaniel Cruz, Amy Dennis, Jessica Feist, Justin Hardy, Taylor Johnson-Hennessey, Kieran Kasha, Lauren Kertai, Ryan McLeod, Lon Niedermayer, Jake Pedersen, Max Worby



Performances are July 12-16, 2023

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